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What we do

The objectives of the UWC organisation in South Sudan include the following;

  • Advance the UWC mission and increase the impact of UWC in South Sudan.
  • Reach out to potential South Sudanese applicants, at home, and in the Diaspora, for UWC Scholarship opportunities.
  • Select suitable candidates and nominating them to attend UWC schools in response to the offers from the schools.
  • Prepare students to attend UWC schools and colleges and supporting them during their studies as needed.
  • Increase scholarships available to South Sudan students.
  • Engage UWC South Sudan alumni, parents, and friends.
  • Develop and update useful student selection criteria.
  • Maintain a network of support and contact for organisation members.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of experiences, ideas, and data on UWC concern.
  • Establish a student and staff training program pertaining to the UWC objectives.
  • Establish a UWC student academic and social life awareness program.
  • Engage in fundraising activities to sustain the organisation.
  • To do all such other lawful things as necessary for the said objectives.