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UWC is committed to ensuring that as many as possible students have the opportunity to experience UWC education regardless of national, socioeconomic, cultural, racial or religious background. UWC achieves this through selection based on potential and merit and through the provision of scholarships. To continue this work, UWC relies on donations from alumni and other individuals, trusts, foundations, companies and governments.

A donation to UWC South Sudan will help provide educational opportunities to the youth of South Sudan. Your donation will be used in one of the three ways: fund a scholarship, help pay for student costs or help fund our operations.

Scholarships -UWC schools and colleges offer scholarships to the national committee system each year, but by donating directly to the national committee you can help fund additional UWC scholarships and provide more opportunities for the youth of South Sudan.

Additional costs - A scholarship provided by a UWC school or college covers the student's tuition, but there are other costs associated with attending a UWC. The costs of visas, international flights and extra-curricular activities are vital to the student's educational journey but are often unaffordable for those most in need. Your donation will help ensure that we are able to reach out and provide opportunities to even the poorest sections of society.

National committee operational costs - UWC South Sudan is run by dedicated volunteers who do not receive any payment. However, the national committee needs funds in order to operate. Your donation will help fund the promotion and selection process and will be used towards costs such as: promoting UWC in the media, reaching out to vulnerable communities who would not otherwise hear of the opportunity and providing a suitable location for the selection of students.

You can donate to UWC South Sudan via UWC international and the funds will be transferred to the national committee or payments made on the national committee's behalf. You can donate via the button below.



Instructions for making a donation via the UWC International Office.

  1. Once on the UWC international donation page, select a monthly or one-off donation.
  2. Enter your donation amount.
  3. Click "Donation to National Committee".
  4. You must select UWC South Sudan from the list of options.
  5. Enter your personal details.
  6. Choose your payment method.