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How to Apply

A. Before Applying

Please make sure you find out as much as possible about UWC before completing your application. It is important that you understand the aims of the organisation and the commitment involved. For more information on UWC please go to You can find out more about the UWC in South Sudan by visiting our Facebook page For more information about UWC South Sudan, please contact


B. To Apply follow one of the TWO ways descried below ;

  1. Downloading the application form attached below, filling in the required information, and sending it to the National Committee before the deadline.
  2. Submitting an online application. Follow the instructions carefully! Online application

C. Application checklist

  1. A completed FORM 1 - APPLICATION CHECKLIST, signed by yourself and parents or guardian.     
  2. A completed FORM 2 – STUDENT APPLICATION FORM, signed by yourself and parents or guardian.
  3. Your school grades for the past 3 years signed off by the Headmaster.
  4. A completed FORM 3 - School Headmaster Reference Form, answered,  signed and stamped by the headmaster of your current school.
  5. A completed FORM 4 - General Reference Form, answered, signed and stamped by someone who knows the applicant very well .
  6. A copy of your South Sudanese national identity card and/or passport or a copy of your Refugee ID Card or registration status.